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Up North Action: Launching Print + Social Marketing Packages with Continued Support of Print Marketing

Up North Action Magazine Print and Digital Advertising Packages

The past year has brought so many changes in industries across the Northwoods and the entire globe. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the tourism industry as well as the world’s increased reliance on digital marketing and virtual experiences, 5 Star Marketing & Distribution’s Northern Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula travel and events magazine, Up North Action,  is enhancing its digital reach through new advertising options.

Our new packages enable our advertisers to take advantage of our targeted reach to an audience who is likely to plan a trip to the Up North region this year. These packages include posts sponsoring businesses like yours on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and the Travelogue on UpNorthAction.com. Our clients will also benefit from the increased exposure to their brands, as a result of our strategic paid Facebook ads. [To learn more about Up North Action and our print + social advertising packages, click here.]

While 5 Star is always innovating to meet the needs of Northwoods businesses today, we also remain committed to our foundations in print marketing. In fact, all of our social media clients are advertisers in our print magazines as well. In addition to launching new social media advertising initiatives, we have expanded our print distribution program in the Chicago, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis–St. Paul markets.  Here are some of the reasons behind our decision to continue to support print marketing products in an increasingly digital world.

5 Reasons 5 Star Marketing & Distribution Stands Behind Print Marketing

1. History

5 Star Marketing & Distribution has a long history of providing quality print marketing to the businesses of the Northwoods and beyond. Our hallmark products are our print magazines, Up North Action (travel and events) and Up North Home Showcase (real estate buying and building)—along with the brochures, rack cards, and visitor guides that we produce for our valued clients year after year.

2. Reliable Reads, Even in the Most Remote Areas

Many of our readers will pick up our products to enjoy while spending time in the pristine forests of Northern Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula Michigan. In some of these remote areas, cell signal and Wi-Fi are hard to come by. Print products can be accessed in even the most far-flung retreats of the Northwoods.

3. Print Resonates with the Unplugged Northwoods Lifestyle

Travelers coming to the Northwoods appreciate the region’s nostalgic, analog feel, in contrast with the hustle and bustle of city and suburban life. Our print products are a perfect complement to the relaxed Northwoods pace.

4. Print Contributes to a Well-Rounded Marketing Program

In this region, it is crucial to businesses’ survival be resourceful and well-rounded. We believe that print marketing and distribution make any business’s marketing strategy complete.

5. Additional Opportunities to Create an Impression

While digital marketing engages two senses (seeing and hearing), print marketing creates an impression on all five of consumers’ senses. This not only improves the consumer’s ability to recall information in your marketing product and increases the emotional impact that the marketing product has on the audience. It is also an opportunity for a brand like yours to solidify its identity through the physical products you choose to market your products and services. You can create a lasting impression on your audience with the stock weight and finish, in combination with the compelling copy and captivating graphics in your print marketing products.

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