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Print’s Place in 2021 and Beyond: Recent Innovations in Print Marketing

Print Marketing in 2021 and Beyond

Print media is not only still alive and well; it is seeing exciting breakthrough innovations. Over the past year, print has found its place both in contrast to the barrage of digital media and integrated with digital media and even augmented reality technologies.

These five articles offer interesting takes on the current state of print and its exciting future.

A Surprising Rebirth of Long-Form Media

The Revitalization of Print Advertising, by Larry Light, discusses the recent shift from the flood of short-form digital media to many brands using long-form communications to discuss the weighty topics that 2020 brought to the forefront of our minds.

Print and Digital Working Together to Create Immersive Experiences

In 17 Clever Print Ad Examples To Complement Your Digital Campaign, Hubspot’s Jami Oetting provides 17 examples of print advertisements working synergistically with digital campaigns to offer consumers interactive, entertaining, and informative experiences with brands.

Augmented Reality: Revolutionizing the Value of Print, from Printing News, takes an in-depth look at how JouéClub, a French toy retailer, partnered with augmented reality (AR) specialist ARGO to create an immersive Christmas catalog and toy packaging enhanced with an AR treasure hunt and other innovative and fun experiences.

Modern Print Marketing’s Best Practices

In Creating Effective Print Marketing in the Digital Age, Steven Pulcinella offers valuable tips for making the humble print flyer successful in today’s marketing landscape.

Keys to Print’s Success in the Years Ahead

Finally, Lynne Kingsley’s article, The Future of Print, barrels past the oft-repeated “print is dead” refrain and shares the experts’ perspectives of where the print industry is headed. Hint: integrating with digital technology and offering increased customization and personalization will be key to print’s success. The experts also weigh in on print innovations with the best growth potential and the most surprising things they’ve learned in their careers in the print industry.

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