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Recent Survey Examines Effectiveness of Print Marketing Materials in Hospitality Industry

Print brochures continue to be considered extremely important to hospitality professionals.

While there is no doubt that digital media claims a large and growing presence in tourism marketing, print materials undoubtedly still play an essential role in the travel marketing mix. In a 2019 study conducted by Bentley University’s Center for Marketing Technology (CMT), hospitality professionals indicated that they and their guests favored print brochures and other printed visitor information over digital alternatives 88% of the time.

In fact, 97% of the hotels, motels, campgrounds, resorts, and other properties surveyed by Bentley University considered print visitor information as “very important” or “extremely important” to their guests. Here’s the breakdown of responses:

  • Printed maps were considered “extremely important” by 78.1% of respondents and “very important” by 13.0% of respondents.
  • Printed brochures were considered “extremely important” by 73.6% of respondents and “very important” by 19.7% of respondents.
  • Printed guides were considered “extremely important” by 62.1% of respondents and “very important” by 22.0% of respondents.

Why Print Marketing Remains Crucial to the Hospitality Industry

When asked to explain their reasons for giving print materials such high marks of importance in a world where all of the necessary information is instantly available at one’s fingertips through digital media, it all comes down to facilitating a “better customer experience” for guests.

In addition to perusing a treasure trove of information contained in the distribution racks in hotel lobbies, visitors often request assistance and recommendations from the concierge or front desk staff. These key personnel often turn to print materials as they guide their guests in the creation of an unforgettable travel experience. Visitors want to know about local attractions, shopping spots, transportation options, times of movies and plays, dining, and takeout and delivery options close to their lodging accommodations. Flipping through a brochure encourages guests’ interaction with a concierge, which leads to a more personal and positive tourist experience. Information in printed materials is often perceived as higher-quality, more trustworthy information. What’s more, the information in the print materials receives the benefit of the opportunity to be enhanced by the concierge pointing out key sights or tracing a route to a destination of interest on a print map.

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