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12 Creative Uses for Your Company’s Business Cards

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In a digital-first world, you might be tempted to think that physical business cards no longer have their place. But opting out of ordering business cards for you and your staff would be missing so many great opportunities—not only for savvy marketing but also for adding value to your customers’ experience.

Here are 12 creative ways to design and use your business cards that will create a lasting impression on your contacts and customers.

12 Creative Uses for Business Cards

1. Price Tags

Use your business card as a price tag on your merchandise. You can use the blank back of your business card to write the price or attach a price sticker. Then your company logo and contact information will be on the back of the price tag—the front of the business card.

2. Packaging Inserts

Insert your business card in the packaging of all products you sell, all deliveries you make, and correspondence you send.

3. Loyalty Programs

Use them to promote and track your loyalty program. In your business card design, include a place to stamp or punch each time your customer purchases from your business. Offer a reward once all of these spots have been marked. This is commonly used in coffee shops but can be applied to almost any retail business.

4. Referral Programs

Entice your existing customers to be your evangelists and handing out your business cards by designing a customer referral and rewards program.

5. Raffle Tickets

Mark each card with a unique number and use them as a raffle ticket for a giveaway. Your customers will have to hold onto them at least until the winner is announced.

6. Event Tickets

Similarly, you can design your cards to function as an event ticket, with event details printed on the back. Make the design extra special for event attendees to hold on to as a keepsake after your event has passed.

7. Art and Inspiration

Make the back of your card into a work of art or inspiration. Include a beautiful design or uplifting quote on the back of your card. The recipient of your card might just hang it on his or her bulletin board or refrigerator. As an added bonus to you, they’ll be keeping your contact information close at hand.


In books or pamphlets you sell or give away at trade shows and other events, insert your business card as a bookmark. You can even add a ribbon or tassel to the card to make it an especially functional bookmark. Your customers will use your business card bookmark again and again and see your company name and logo with each use.

9. Bookplates

If you hand out workbooks, portfolios, or pamphlets, glue your business card on the inside cover of each one as a bookplate.

10. Multipurpose Business Cards

Create a multipurpose business card that people will want to keep for their usefulness. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Print a ruler along the top of your business card.
  • Print a calendar, a tip calculator, a chart that’s relevant to your business on the back.
  • Use your business cards as appointment cards. This is especially useful for hair stylists, doctors, auto mechanics, and other service-based professionals.
  • Teachers and tutors can use their business cards as handy reference cards, too. For example, music teachers can include a grand staff with labeled note names, a labeled piano keyboard, fretboard, or fingering chart. Math and science tutors can print useful equations or formulas on the back of their cards.

11. Double-Sided Business Cards

If you don’t have a designated purpose for the back, at least print a duplicate of the front of your card on the back. That way, no matter which side is facing up, the holder of your business card is exposed to your name and contact information.

12. Coupons and Discount Codes

Give people incentives to take your business cards with discount coupons. Your customers will be more likely to take your business card if it functions as a coupon. If you have an e-commerce site, make sure to include a discount code that customers can use when checking out online.

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