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Why Is Branding Important for Northwoods Small Businesses?


Branding is the practice of creating an easily discernable identity that sets your Northwoods small business (and its products and services) apart from other businesses. The elements of your brand include everything from your business name, logo, and aesthetics to the voice, values, mission, and story you convene in all of your company communications. Branding also includes details such as your style of providing customer service and the appearance of your staff’s uniforms or dress code.

Why Is Branding Important?

Branding helps your audience identify the personality of your business. This helps your customers distinguish you from your competitors. Just as we are attracted to become friends with or associate with people with certain personality traits, when done effectively, having a solid brand identity will attract consumers who resonate with that identity. Having a distinct brand also leaves a lasting impact on your audience and helps people recognize your company. Strengthening your audience’s familiarity and emotional ties to your company through branding reduces the cognitive work involved in purchasing products and services. In other words, having a well-defined brand will help your customers take a practical shortcut and pick your company when making a purchase.

Having a strong brand doesn’t merely drive sales; it has other benefits to your company as well. Having a well-defined brand improves your employees’ morale, job satisfaction, and pride in their company and work. It signals to investors that your company is established in the industry. Moreover, having a cohesive, professional brand fosters trust and loyalty among all of your company’s stakeholders.

How Can 5 Star Help You Create Your Business Brand?

5 Star Marketing & Distribution helps you to strengthen your brand by working with you to design marketing materials from a logo or a business card, to an ad in a regional visitor or tourism guide or one of our magazines, to a custom-created brochure or rack card. Our distribution program further strengthens your brand identity by distributing your marketing materials throughout the Northwoods region and beyond—bringing your business name, logo, style, aesthetics, voice, and so on—to a broader audience. Our editorial and production staff also ensures the integrity of your brand by checking for errors and typos at each stage of developing your marketing materials.

To get started on creating marketing material that will help strengthen your company’s brand, contact us today by calling (715) 453-4511.

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