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15 Ways to Gain Quality Followers on Your Facebook Business Page

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Your target audience is more likely to perceive a business as worthy of trust, credit, and authority if it has a high number of likes or followers on its Facebook business page. Those first thousand—or even the first hundred—followers can be difficult to come by for a new business or a business that has only recently begun to place emphasis on social media.

It’s important to note that purchased followers—who aren’t likely to engage with your posts or purchase your products and services—are of little value to your business, so focusing on gaining engaged followers rather than sheer volume will be most beneficial to your business’s success. Here are 15 ways you can get started on your path to gain quality, engaged followers on your business’s Facebook page.

15 Ways to Gain Quality Followers on Your Facebook Business Page

1. Invite your friends on your personal Facebook profile to follow your business page.

You already know these people have your back and want you to be successful.


2. Share a post on your personal Facebook profile with a link to your business Facebook page.

Some people may not pay attention to their invites but may act on a post that shows up on their feed.


3. Use the Facebook Page Plugin and/or add a link to your business page on your other social media channels (Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.), website, and blog.

These users already engage with you in other social media channels, so they are likely to engage with you on Facebook, too.


4. Include the link to your business page in your employment details on your personal profile.

This is yet another way to get the word about your business’s Facebook page to people who care so much about you that they’re looking at the finer details of your personal profile.


5. Email your business contacts, customer lists, and subscriber lists, announcing your business’s Facebook presence and inviting them to follow your page.

Sometimes a small act, such as pointedly asking newsletter subscribers to like your page, goes a long way to increase your following.


6. Add a link to your Facebook business page in your email signature line.

This is an easy way for all your business correspondents to learn about your Facebook presence.


7. If your company uses print media, include your Facebook page link on it.

This goes for business cards, letterhead, brochures, or ads in newspapers and magazines.


8. Display your Facebook page link in your business’s physical location.

Display the link and add text such as “Like us on Facebook!” on a placard or sign on your front counter or another highly visible spot.


9. As a Facebook business page, become a member of Facebook groups that are related to your industry and attract your target audience.

Make insightful comments on others’ posts and contribute new, valuable posts. This will place your business name in front of the eyes of your target audience. Make sure your posts are informational and valuable—not promotional. Also be sure to follow the rules of each group, as outlined by the administrator.


10. Create a Facebook group to facilitate discussion within your target audience.

Contribute valuable insights as you moderate the group. But group members will leave the group if you get too “salesy.”


11. Invite users that have liked any of your posts—but not your business page—to follow your business page.

You can do this by clicking on the name or number of users that liked or reacted to your post on the post’s lower-left corner. The list that pops up will show you the name of each user who reacted to your post. If that user has not already liked/followed your Facebook business page, an Invite button will appear next to the name. Selecting this button will send an invitation to the user to like your page.


12. Optimize your Facebook page.

This means:

  • having SEO-friendly, relevant keywords in your title and About section of your profile
  • making sure your business name is consistent (including punctuation, consistent use of “and” vs. an ampersand, etc.)
  • updating your physical address, phone number, email address, and web address
  • making sure your website contains a link to your Facebook page (and any of your other social media accounts)


13. Tag other pages in your posts.

Tagging other business pages will make your post (and hence your business name) appear on the tagged Facebook page and potentially in the feed of users who follow the page. (Only do this when the post is relevant to that page so you do not become a pest!)


14. Run a Facebook Ads campaign.

Focus on page likes (rather than post engagements) for this particular purpose. This doesn’t need to be costly to be successful! You can get started for $5–$10 per day and test your ad for as little as three days to see how it performs.


15. Post valuable, relevant, shareable content regularly.

We will cover what types of content perform well on Facebook in an upcoming article.


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