PynPoints Location Based Mobile Advertising


Getting your customers' attention can be a challenge in our multimedia culture. 5 Star Marketing believes cell phones are the key to capturing your audience when, and where they are most likely to respond.


5 Star Marketing has teamed up with PynPoints to offer a new and exciting location based mobile marketing channel that can:

  • Drive customers to your business
  • Engage and upsell current in-store customers
  • Build your brand by increasing awareness
  • Generate customer loyalty

PynPoints users receive your branded offers and information on the PynPoints mobile app at the time and place specified:

  • Users download the FREE PynPoints mobile app
  • Your offers and info is implemented by 5 Star Marketing
  • Mobile app support provided by PynPoints
  • No hardware investment or management required

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would people download PynPoints?

Its a convenient and timely way for them to get deals, coupons, events, information and promotions. Also through PynPoints users can get and you can provide exclusive or time sensitive in-store offers that you can't do with other forms of advertising or promotions.

As PynPoints users are going about their day whether driving, biking, or walking they are likely to be in proximity to your business or organization. Based on a users location PynPoints collects and notifies the user of offers, events and info near them that they may not otherwise be aware of. This provides the user an opportunity to take advantage of offers and information potentially saving them time and money.

What does PynPoints do?

PynPoints sends offers and information to PynPoints users based on time and location. For example, lets say you own a bar and restaurant and want to target employment centers near your business at quitting time offering an exclusive special or offer. 5 Star Marketing can set up an offer to trigger at 4:55 (5 minutes before quitting time) with a message similar to "You've had a hard day, it's quittin' time, come relax at (business name) with 2 for 1 drinks and 1/2 off appetizers today from 5-6pm". This offer would trigger the message to only those that are in the location zone specified so they are made aware of and can easily take advantage of the offer. PynPoints also has the ability to send an offer as a push message (similar to text messages) directly to the lock screen of the user's smart phone to notify them of the offer. Read rates are much higher because users can see the message on their lock screen and click through to the offer without opening an app. The offer is available in the PynPoints app and is visible for the duration of the offer and can be used similar to a coupon until redeemed or until the offer expires. Once the offer expires the advertisement is automatically removed, ending the offer. Because PynPoints is location based it can also be used for in-store promotions as well as location targeted promotions.

What do I have to do to place a PynPoints ad?

The 5 Star Marketing team of sales and marketing professionals will work with you to craft messaging along with time and location strategies and then fully implement your advertisement on your behalf in PynPoints.

Can I limit the number of offers available?

Yes, you can specify exactly how many offers will be made available so you can control demand for your product or service as well as your exposure when discounting products or services. Once the limit is reached no more offers will be available to PynPoint app users.

What is a PynPoints download offer?

A PynPoints download offer is an incentive for a current customer in your store to download the PynPoints app and subscribe to your business. 5 Star Marketing will be using all of its marketing knowledge and resources to drive user downloads of the PynPoints app. Some examples:

  • Download immediately and receive 10% off your bill or a free drink
  • In Bar Giveaways and Games.
  • Special offers, 2 for 1's or food giveaways

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